Friday, 18 July 2008


Chicken at Shi Dae Suncheon

Roast chicken from a truck , the roast chicken truck .

BBQ Chicken Suncheon

Phone Number 1588-9282

BBQ Chicken Use the selling point that oilve oil is better but frying in oilve oil is just as bad as any other oil. Even so there chicken is ok.

Original chicken 14000/ 7500
original drumstick 16000
calcium seasoned 15000/8000
hot spicy 16000/8500
Deri Q stick 16000
Deri Q wing 16000
BBQ 15000
BBQ wing 16000/ 8500
Smoked chicken 14000/9000
Golden strip 16000/8500
Sun Sal (boneless chicken) 15000
Also there is cracker chicken nugget half and half deri Q combo

chicken 1500
chicken tonoggaibbi 3000

Pork cutlet 
Olive stake 

Chicken cup with drink 2000
sweet potato 1500
cheese stick 1000
squid ring 1000
potato chips 1500
corn 1000
coleslaw 1000

NaNa Chicken Suncheon

I think NaNa Chicken is better value you get more for your money.
I love their sun sal chicken.

Phone number 723-7799
Good tip is keep the card they give you with all chickens its a coupon and usually 10 of these will get you a free chicken.


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