Friday, 26 June 2009

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Week 9 and 10

So week 10 has just passed and I have handed in my final recipes for our last day of cooking . It was hell trying to decided what to do in the end . But after many sleepless nights I made a decision and its done .

Roast Beetroot and goats cheese salad
Poached Monk fish with Tomato and basil sauce.
Courgettes and new potatoes .
Green salad with a cider vinaigrette.
Homemade Ice Cream , Banana Bread and Carmel sauce.

Now all I have to worry about is doing it in 3 hours and doing it well . we will also be given a bread to make on the day too. But we wont know what that will be till the day before .
I have just over a week to practice . But before I can put my mind to it, I have to do my Wine exam. 100 multiple choice question about the wine course . This is a separate exam to the Ballymaloe Certificate.

I made a triangular Kimbab complete with Ballymaloe Kimchi.

Darina Using my Knife

Ox tongue


This week we did a lot on finger food . We cooked a whole lot of duck and made a lot of puff pastry . I am finding out pastry is probably not my thing . Last week we made a lot of Pasta all by hand which I loved . Back to studying for wine exam.
I have promised myself to stay quiet on this course so as and when I get a job and some money I am now really looking forward to a night out with friends .


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Dining at cliff house With Martijn Kajuiter.

Are you a Foodie ? Are you in Ireland ? Have you been to the cliff house hotel . I say you must go, Here is my visit to the Cliff house Hotel in Pictures have a look at their website for more info We had the Tasting menu (below) at the chefs table .

Helvick Oyster and Guinness
Oyster Meringue , Gooseberry , Hazelnut

West Cork Scallops
Green asparagus textures And Mizuna

Local Suffolk Lamb
Mint Broad Beans Verjus and Brix

Organic Clare Island Salmon
Carrot Marsh Samphire , Smoke

Skeaghanore Duck
Beetroot , Sweet potato, Amaranth Spinach

Pre Dessert
Lemon verbena ice

Strawberry collection 2009

Dark Chocolate 70%
Coffee ice ,Olive oil, Sea Salt

A wonderful night was had by all . The hotel and chef Martijn Kajuiter where more then welcoming to us . Not only is the food fresh and local but the staff where very friendly . Even appeared to really enjoy their jobs . Not all that usual for Ireland .


Saturday, 13 June 2009

Week 8 Cooking School

Foraging With Darina

Evening tea at
Ballymaloe House

The Wine Cellar at the House

The Kitchen
Myrtle Allen and Myself
Darina ,Myrtle and Myself
Evening tea

Some of week eight food

Some of the students go fishing in Ballycotton and on Friday last they caught some mackerel . They cooked them up on the BBQ at the back of the Blackbird .


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