Friday, 31 October 2008

Ace cracker is over ..

So what does Ace Cracker gifts look like ???


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thinking about Christmas in Korea

My Oven toaster Turkey
I t tasted great .
If I can cook it in Gangjin anyone can.

Every year I am here I cook a TURKEY . My first year I had a great big Dining table and chairs In my apartment in Gangjin I had 12 over for dinner. I have to say it was one of the best Christmases I ever had .In this Picture: Nichole ,Riann, My self, Stuart Dae-Han-Min-Guk Discoveries, Brian Brian in Jeollanam-do Micheal(Gangjin,Hof owner) Sara,Rob Homebrew Korea,Chris and Marc

On the menu
Was smoked salmon and cream cheese, Carrots and dip
Turkey cooked in a toaster oven. We had to cut the ends of his legs and his ass off but he fit in there. Stuffing, Gravy, Veg
Trifle, Rum Balls and pudding (my mum sent me )


Last year again I did Turkey Stuffing mash roast and scalloped Potatoes, Salmon in cream cheese
Cheese cake and Butter tarts I managed 12 people into my tiny little place.

This year Christmas In Suncheon
This year I want to spent it in comfort with everyone I have become friends with so

I have set up a facebook event
Pot luck Christmas to be held at Elvis
I Know its early to be thinking about Christmas ( I cant help it ) But many of us Elementary teachers Have vacation this year from December 19 (until March 1st ;)
So I am putting it out there early so you have choices .

In this Picture Chris, Riann and Rob(Homebrew Korea)

Where might we get a turkey and other christmas supplys from
Or the
Gwangju Underground food store


Ace Cracker Day

Happy Ace Cracker Day
Like Pepero day where you give and receive beautiful gifts of Pepero.
Today is the day to give and receive gifts of Ace Crackers


Mandu Mini stopping

Check this out its Kinda funny. A tour of a Korean Mandu store

More Info here
Nearly every country has its own Dumplings Wikipedia has a list here


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Oh A Burger and Real Fries

You just cant get a burger in Suncheon . You can get lotteria or MacDonald s . Not quite what you looking for well you just got to make it . Ever week or two I host a cooking meeting where a few of us get together to cook something we cant normally eat in Korea this week it was Burgers.

Ground Beef (with some fat maybe 20-25%)
Salt and Pepper - A little curry powder or Worcestershire sauce- thyme -rosemary.
Your choice what ever seasoning you like.

Tomato, Iceberg lettuce, Onions caramelized with balsamic vinegar
Shiitake Mushrooms sauteed in butter , Pickles, If you like heat Jalapenos
Cheese, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise (a little is good it works as a bond between the burger juices and the bun, Preventing a soggy burger bun.)



Korean Beat Tells us about more Melamine


Bokbunjaju Poached Asian Pear Pie

Bokbunjaju (Korean Raspberry wine )

This pie was not quite as nice as I had first taught. I wanted a light flaky chocolate pastry, White chocolate mousse With the poached pears on top.
My pastry was not so flaky I think I messed up the blind baking ?
My white chocolate was not the kind you can melt. So I went with whipped cream instead. But the pears were a huge success and very Delicious. I poaches the pieces in the Bokbunjaju for about 15 mins.


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Make your own mozzarella


2008 KOREA IN MOTION, DAEGU festival

Free ticket event of opening and closing performance.
* We provide VIP seat at the front for foreign spectators only.
1st Nov. - sat (18:30pm) : SA.CHOOM (Love Dance)
9th Nov. - sun (18:00pm) : NANTA
Only For Opening performance, we will also provide free shuttle bus to the event venue.
Meeting time - 18:00pm
Meeting point - Novotel Hotel, Daegu ( in before times : Migliore Building)
Event venue - Kyungpook university
(Reservations is required.)
For more information of festival and performances, please visit our website.


Monday, 27 October 2008

So I went on a Korean Game show

We Loose
So we were all Korean and wore Hanboks
Nice Pants
We had 30 mins to pick as many potatoes as we could
we picked 200kg the other team picked 220kg.
We then had to make a camp fire and steam the potatoes. Our fire was a not quite that impressive and the blue team win again. Dave said our fire was welfare. The challenge we did win I have no photos but we did win the calligraphy challenge.
We did a temple stay. Ate with the monk. Like a monk. There are a lot of rules we could not talk or make any noise we had to eat everything and we had to clean everything with water after. The water was meant to be as clean at the end as it was in the beginning.
We pealed and chopped a lot of sweet potatoes.
We cooked a lot of potatoes. In very little time.
For 50 Children .
Who were the judges.
고구마 맛탕고구마 튀김 - fried sweet potato

Mat Tang 고구마 맛탕
Sweet potatoes cut in cubes (bite size) and deep fried till golden.
Sugar,Water and corn syrup.
At a ration 1-1-1
Put sugar and water in pan
Reduce by half
Do not stir
Add corn syrup and simmer for a few minutes
Add deep fried sweet potato cubes and sprinkle black sesame seeds over it
고구마 튀김 - Fried sweet potato2 egg yolks ,water ,soju ,saltflour?? they used frying powder.Make a batter. Add sliced sweet potatoDeep fry till golden brownDasik
Sweet Potato Boiled and mashed, Honey.
Sieve the boiled sweet potato. Add honey and place in the Dasik mold.


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Eating out in Suncheon On a Budget

Steamed Egg (계란찜)
For recipe check here 
I really like this its do light and totally yummy
2000 WON

(above)Kimchi Chi Gae 2000WON

(Below) Dwaeji Galbi
(pork meat )
4-5000 WON

Its quite normal to walk round Korea in your PJS while attached to a drip. I took this picture a minute after she put out her smoke ...

We also ordered sausages (not impressed)3000 won
you can order mushrooms 1-2000 won 
And Shake it up Bibinbap (Dosirak)
Zen kimchi talks about it here
the Bibinbap was 1500won 
Just put the lid on the box and shake the hell out of it you get quite the mess .
To find this place its Beside Jae il Hospital(round the corner from Elvis Bar) .
Its just down the street from the hospital


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Hot drinks encourage wamer feeling ......

Cup of tea

A steaming hot drink may be all it takes to see the world through rose-tinted glasses, psychologists have found.

Holding a warm cup of coffee was enough to make people think strangers were more welcoming and trustworthy, while a cold drink had the opposite effect, a study found.

The warmth of a drink also influenced whether people were more likely to be selfish or give to others, researchers report in the journal Science. A team led by John Bargh at the University of Colorado set about testing whether hot and iced drinks influenced perceptions of others after noting how frequently "warm" and "cold" are used to describe personalities.

More info here


A Week of food from round the world

Japan: The Ukita family of Kodaira City
Food expenditure for one week: 37,699 Yen or $317.25
Favorite foods: sashimi, fruit, cake, potato chips

Check this out Images of Family s from all around the world with a weeks worth of food .


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Not For Children,Chocolate Whiskey Cake Just for Halloween

Chocolate Whiskey Cake Just for Halloween
No oven needed

This recipe comes from my Mum
  • Chocolate I used half dark chocolate and half milk cooking chocolate. (I got them in Kim's Club)
  • One and a half sticks of butter
  • Some golden brown syrup
  • One or two packets of biscuits(called cookies in the US)
whiskey or brandy essence (I found some at Homeplus once )
Soak the smashed biscuits in whiskey.
Melt butter chocolate and syrup over a bain marie
Mix with biscuits and let set over night.
Make sure your cake tin is lined with grease proof paper or butter.

For chocolate frosting.
Powder sugar(I found some in Kim's Club)
Coco powder.
Vanilla essence
Blend together.

The white chocolate is from a tube . I bought it in one of the "Birthday stores " on one of the many chocolate days here in Korea. They have great chocolate making kits with these chocolate
pens . My very strange spider creature is a marshmallow and some chocolate chips as well as some food coloring, I found on sale in Homeplus.
I was in a 1000 won store and found my new toy, a cake decorating set.

I had first made this cake for Kids until my boyfriend pointed out the amount of whiskey I had put it in, it's really good with whiskey (but then I am Irish and I do love whiskey ). But, I think it might be good with out. I grew up eating this as a treat . Well, all except the frosting. I have to say it a really nice cake to eat with a nice cup of milky tea..


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