Saturday, 12 July 2008

Pat Bing Sue

Pat, or sweet red bean
Crushed Ice 
Condensed milk 
Tined fruit 
Ice cream
Sometimes cornflakes ,Tomatoes and gummy bears

The Philippine version Halo Halo .
The same as the Korean Pat Bing Su but on Top Chef season four a chef made it with coconut and  lemongrass which I really like the sound so this week I am going to try and recreate something similar.

Recipe from Top chef 

Lemongrass Young Coconut Water Brother:

Pound lemongrass and ginger with sugar and coconut juice and coconut meat.
Place young coconut meat and water in pot and add lemongrass and ginger. Bring to a simmer and let steep for 10 minutes.

Braised Mango with Coconut and Chilies:
In a pan combine all ingredients, let simmer until mango is soft, then cut into strips.

Avocado Shake:
Add avocado to the blender with condensed milk. Turn blender on low then gradually turn to high slowly adding ice. Blend until smooth.

Bruleed Mango:
Dice mango, dust with sugar and brulee with a torch.

Kiwi Caviar:
Cut kiwi into quarters and remove white center, then cut out center seeds.

Five-Spice Cashews:
In a pot, add sugar (reserve two tablespoons), water and cashews. Boil until liquid becomes syrup. Let cool and strain out liquid, then deep fry cashews. When cashews are golden brown, remove and toss in remaining sugar and five spice blend.

Mix ice and lemongrass liquid well and add to glass, then add 3 ounces avocado puree, braised mango, bruleed mango, chopped candied cashews, young coconut meat, Rice Krispies, cilantro leaves and chili rings.


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