Wednesday, 27 August 2008



Another Irish bar attached to a Hotel. It really felt like home to me . It had the look right down only there was no one in the bar who spoke english . Again it had an good selection of Irish Drinks .

Bushmills was first granted their license to distill 400 years ago this year (2008) and so have released the limited-edition "1608" to mark the anniversary. Distilled with crystal malt—a special malted barley called "crystal" because of its bead-like appearance. Regardless of whether its crystal or diamond cut, this whisky still delivers the exceptional smoothness and sweet toffee-like notes you expect from Bushmills. Creamy and mouthfilling with lots of raspberry and currant fruit, this is a great Irish whisky for the collector. A blend of three different types of whiskey—malt whiskey, grain whiskey, and a third component which is said to be a malt whiskey produced from crystal malt. Brewers and homebrewers will know crystal malt well, being a slightly caramelized version of malted barley. Its rich texture suggests a decent malt content for a blend. Layers of sweetness (honeyed vanilla, rummy molasses, toasted marshmallow) are balanced by toasted nuts, dried fruit, and dark chocolate. Very dynamic and with plenty of grit. Smartly bottled at 46% ABV. Advanced Malt Advocate Magazine rating: 90 Points

Little Irish Bar owned by and American. It was nice but did look like some one had thrown up an irish souvenir shop in there. But the whiskey was great.
Here we had Some of my usual Jameson,  Paddy, Powers.
I drank my usual Jameson then the owner gave us a Free Bushmills 1608 and a Green Spot .

Green Spot is a pure pot still Irish whiskey, produced specifically for Mitchell & Son of Dublin, by Irish Distillers at the Midleton Distillery,Cork, Ireland. It is the one of the only remaining bonded Irish whiskeys, and is currently the only brand specifically produced for and sold by an independent wine merchant in Ireland. More here


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