Sunday, 12 October 2008

Gwangyang-Sutbulgogi In Suncheon ...

Recently I went to the Gwangyang Sutbulgogi Festival. So I taught you might want to know you can eat it here in Suncheon And its good . Mung Gi Won Serves it . Mung Gi Won is on of my favourite restaurants in Suncheon. The have a wonderful Lunch menu (before 4) You can get some Galbi dwaeji galbi (돼지갈비) A hot pot (dolsot) rice Yeongyangsotbap with jujubes and chestnuts (nice if your vegaterian.)
You can get ll this for 9000 won I think .
You Can find this restaurant next to Boston Across the road from the new castle night club.

As normal with Korean BBQ you take some leaves Usually lettuce This one Perilla leave kkaennip, 깻잎.
You use these leaves as wraps and place some Kimchi , Garlic, Dwenjang and onion . Wrap and eat in one bite.
David Cooks


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