Sunday, 5 October 2008

Melamine found in 4 more products.

  • Melamine was found in Snickers Peanut Funsize and M&Ms chocolate milk made by Mars, as well as KitKat wafers made by Nestle and a biscuit manufactured by Lotte Confectionery Co., the Food and Drug Administration said in a statement Saturday.

  • For more info read here 

  • ZenKimchi
  • Gives us this list Of foods to avoid 
  • MiSarang 미사랑 snacks,Ritz Cheese Crackers, Cadbury Chocolate, Danyang Day Bright,Rice Crackers, Non-dairy creamer imported from Hong Kong (includes instant coffee packs)
  • Lipton Milk Tea Powder

  • Now we can add 

  • Snickers Peanut Funsize made by Mars
  • M&Ms chocolate milk made by Mars
  •  KitKat wafers made by Nestle
  • A  Biscuit manufactured by Lotte Confectionery Co


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