Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Not For Children,Chocolate Whiskey Cake Just for Halloween

Chocolate Whiskey Cake Just for Halloween
No oven needed

This recipe comes from my Mum
  • Chocolate I used half dark chocolate and half milk cooking chocolate. (I got them in Kim's Club)
  • One and a half sticks of butter
  • Some golden brown syrup
  • One or two packets of biscuits(called cookies in the US)
whiskey or brandy essence (I found some at Homeplus once )
Soak the smashed biscuits in whiskey.
Melt butter chocolate and syrup over a bain marie
Mix with biscuits and let set over night.
Make sure your cake tin is lined with grease proof paper or butter.

For chocolate frosting.
Powder sugar(I found some in Kim's Club)
Coco powder.
Vanilla essence
Blend together.

The white chocolate is from a tube . I bought it in one of the "Birthday stores " on one of the many chocolate days here in Korea. They have great chocolate making kits with these chocolate
pens . My very strange spider creature is a marshmallow and some chocolate chips as well as some food coloring, I found on sale in Homeplus.
I was in a 1000 won store and found my new toy, a cake decorating set.

I had first made this cake for Kids until my boyfriend pointed out the amount of whiskey I had put it in, it's really good with whiskey (but then I am Irish and I do love whiskey ). But, I think it might be good with out. I grew up eating this as a treat . Well, all except the frosting. I have to say it a really nice cake to eat with a nice cup of milky tea..


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