Monday, 15 December 2008

Bamboo salt 죽염

Joe from the Seoulpodcast mentioned this one when I was on there
Bamboo Salt was used for Skin Care medicinal and health purposes . Its also said to be used as an antidote for poison in the human body. It Eliminates waste matters from the system and strengthens asthma. Also linked to helping you out with Hemorrhoids ,vomiting, diarrhea beriberi bloody, excrement's pain and various kinds of tumors. Purple Bamboo Salt Is used in the Prevention and treatment of various diseases in Korea. Also used as an Anti inflammatory
The Recipe originated at a Buddhist temple and was closely guarded as the secret of immortality.

It it is Sun Dried on the west coast of Korea. Put in Bamboo sealed with yellow ocher and pine resin and heated to 850-1500 degrees c in a clay furnace.The salt is then grinded. And the whole process is done again this can be done up to 9 times.
At this stage all noxious materials like heavy metals in salt are removed and good properties of bamboo are absorbed.

Top 10 Exotic salts are
  • Gourmet Bamboo roasted Sea Salt
  • Sulfurous black salt -India
  • Pink salt - From the foothills of the Himalayas/Australia Murry River
  • Fleurde sel- West coast France its hand picked
  • Celtic sea salt(sel grins) -Light grey color
  • Hawaiian Red sea salt- Mixed with the Hawaiian volcanic clay
  • Maldon Sea Salt- Hand Harvested salt from the east coast of England
  • Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt- Its a coppery color with a smoky flavor
  • Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Black lava salt- Black in color because of the volcanic charcoal
  • Taha Vanilla Finishing salt- Sea salt infused with Vanilla beans
You can buy once roasted in Homeplus for less then 2000 won but if your more interested in trying the 9 times roasted stuff check this out
Or if your in Korea try you local Market.

More info on how its made here

You can also get bamboo salt toothpaste and soap .

Other salts are here

I t would make a really nice Christmas Pressie for any Foodie


Brian 16 December 2008 at 01:25  

Were you finally able to get some?

Therese Mac Seain 16 December 2008 at 02:26  

got some cheap stuff at home plus going to the market next week will check it out there if no going to get some real nice stuff on line

FatManSeoul 17 December 2008 at 00:14  

Check the organic stores in your neck of the woods, or department stores. Fatman can reliably find some at any of the major organic food chains, ranging in price from about 5000 won for a small bag of the cheap stuff to 50,000 for about 250 grams of the fanciest stuff.

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