Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Food Photos From A Weekend In Seoul

So For Us Down South we usually visit Seoul to eat . My last visit was particularly good . Starting with Photos From Ansan we ate Uzbekistan food. This place was small and doubled as a dvd rental service. Nothing on the menu was more then 6000 won . To be true I could have ate everything it was good. Then we ate some Indian in a another home kitchen/ dVd rental service food store place again everything was 5000won. Ansan is full of little restaurants and foreign food stores. We also came across a Vietnamese restaurant. In Ansan the streets a covered with great things we saw lemon grass for sale in the market as well as galangal,snow peas, kaffir leaves and durians. We also saw Whole quails. We ate Indian all dishes again under 6000 won and we ate lamb in two of the 3 dishes we ordered.
The other photos are of street food and bus stop food .
Oh and thank you Joe (Zenkimchi) For showing me round Ansan . It was a pleasure.

The beer was extremly strong

Indian Food
Street food

Salty baby potatoes

Kababs are eveywhere


Janet 3 December 2008 at 16:15  

I'm a'clickin' on your site. I'm not cooking anything from it (because I don't cook) but I'm clickin' on it. There's my face between the bottles. =) By the way would anyone be able to find out what my email address is if they clicked on my name in your comments section?

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