Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Crab on the street

Crab off the back of a truck.
10000 won will get you two of these great crabs the king crab is 60 000 won . They are steamed on the tuck .Here is what I did . My good friend Jodie and I ate one with some melted butter mmmm. Then I took one home took all the meat off added some pepper, dill a squeeze or two of mayonnaise . Some chopped onion, some chives and some breadcrumbs . I put it back into the clean body- shell of the crab. Topped with breadcrumbs and some butter ,I wish I had some Parmesan it would go there too. Put in the oven till golden brown .
Served with some fresh salad .
Crab of the back of a truck .


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