Saturday, 2 May 2009

Week 2 Cooking in Ballymaloe

Rachael Allen was teaching us this week .
Rachael is Darina Allens Daughter in Law Darina is the Head of the school and has written many books

You can see Rachel onTV


Cutting up half a Lamb

The Fish

Kidney salad with Caramelized Shallots

The food

Lunch room
My breads


Home made butter

Crispy chicken skin

Sweetbreads are the thymus glands and pancreas glands of lamb, beef, or pork.

Lemon pudding

Home made cheese

So far we have learned how to make cheese, Soups, How to fillet fish and chicken, make all kinds of Tarts, Breads ,raitas, Mexican food, pastry, compote, salads, biscuits ,Syrups , stocks and list goes on and on. The day starts round 6(sometimes ) trying to get some exercise in before all the butter and cream :) I get to school round 7:30 -8 if I have duties like making stock or collecting herbs from the garden. Round up ingredients and start cooking. After lunch we have demo till 5 (if you have no duties like cleaning up after demo otherwise 6 or 6:30 ) get home file today's recipes and make your time-plan for tomorrows cooking . Its a really full day and right no every ones is exhausted.


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