Friday, 15 May 2009

week 4 in Ballymaloe cooking school

So many Sweet things this week


This week was quite an eventfully week my worst cooking so far . But great fun . I was cooking cakes which seems appropriate as it was my boyfriends and my mums birthdays. I moves into kitchen 3 which is a little more stressful then the other kitchen I was in. I started making yeast bread and started my Sour dough starter named Ali. My sweet geranium plant I picked up in optional gardening class, got green fly and my salad leaves including Perilla (Shiso) are growing beautifully . Mick In my house cooked some great Thai curry . We had a wine tasting before lunch wednesday ,we tasted 6 wines all from France. We also had a talk on tea . By a Irish tea distributor who doesn't seem to know Korean green tea . I offered him a cup of Boseong Green Tea and he declined but he did seem busy .He also never mentioned Korea at all.

Here is what the LA Times has to say this week about Boseong Green tea (one of my favorite places in Korea I visited 4 times ) The tea I offered him.

The Boseong region is to green tea what the Napa Valley is to wine. There are hundreds of tiny producers in the area. Visiting the plantations, I was struck by the pungent aroma of the leaves even before I caught sight of the fields. But it was the view that took my breath away. The soft rolling rows of tea plants stretching up along the hillside stood majestically in the morning fog.,0,1


Sophie 25 July 2009 at 14:13  

MMMMMMM,.....all of the food looks divine!!


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