Friday, 26 June 2009

Week 9 and 10

So week 10 has just passed and I have handed in my final recipes for our last day of cooking . It was hell trying to decided what to do in the end . But after many sleepless nights I made a decision and its done .

Roast Beetroot and goats cheese salad
Poached Monk fish with Tomato and basil sauce.
Courgettes and new potatoes .
Green salad with a cider vinaigrette.
Homemade Ice Cream , Banana Bread and Carmel sauce.

Now all I have to worry about is doing it in 3 hours and doing it well . we will also be given a bread to make on the day too. But we wont know what that will be till the day before .
I have just over a week to practice . But before I can put my mind to it, I have to do my Wine exam. 100 multiple choice question about the wine course . This is a separate exam to the Ballymaloe Certificate.

I made a triangular Kimbab complete with Ballymaloe Kimchi.

Darina Using my Knife

Ox tongue


This week we did a lot on finger food . We cooked a whole lot of duck and made a lot of puff pastry . I am finding out pastry is probably not my thing . Last week we made a lot of Pasta all by hand which I loved . Back to studying for wine exam.
I have promised myself to stay quiet on this course so as and when I get a job and some money I am now really looking forward to a night out with friends .


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