Tuesday, 30 September 2008


International Herald Tribune Says this
"SEOUL, South Korea:
Two more Chinese-made food products — including Ritz crackers — were found to contain high levels of melamine, South Korean investigators said Tuesday.

The chemical was found in Nabisco's Ritz cracker cheese sandwiches and in rice crackers made by Danyang Day Bright Co., the Korea Food and Drug Administration said.

The maker of Nabisco Ritz crackers, Northfield, Illinois-based Kraft Foods Inc., did not immediately return messages left seeking comment.

Melamine has now been found in six imported products in South Korea, including Misarang snacks made in China and in Chinese-made nondairy creamer imported from Hong Kong. South Korea has banned imports of all Chinese-made food products containing powdered milk.

Melamine — used to make plastics and fertilizer — can be deadly in high doses and is blamed for killing four babies in mainland China and sickening thousands of others"

Gives us this list Of foods to avoid
  • MiSarang 미사랑 snacks
  • Ritz Cheese Crackers
  • Cadbury Chocolate
  • Danyang Day Bright Rice Crackers
  • Non-dairy creamer imported from Hong Kong (includes instant coffee packs)
  • Lipton Milk Tea Powder
Korea Beat
Talks about how we cant avoid Chinese food.


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