Monday, 20 October 2008

Irish Stew, Stobhach Gaelach

So I made Irish stew with just what I can get here in Homeplus or in town.
I used beef ( you can get lamb in Gwangju) I also used
Onion, carrot, mushrooms, celery leaves,Tomatoes or a can of tomatoes (fresh is best cans tend to have a lot of added salt ) fresh rosemary they are everywhere in Korea and some Dried thyme I got at home plus or home ever. Some Korean beef stock Sogogi Dashida (소고기 다시다)
I used this Sogogi Dashida it tastes ok. It has a little Garlic Flavor in it I personally don't think garlic should be in an Irish stew but if its to your liking then go ahead.
If you have FRESH HOMEMADE STOCK IS THE BEST OPTION HERE (be aware that Sogogi Dashida has much MSG in it and is very high in salt . If you can get stock cubs from home low sodium,MSG free would be the best )

You can also add potatoes if you like .I like mine on the side. If I was at home a parsnip would also go in there. My mum always dipped the meat in flour before frying . Once it was brown add the veg Blended tomatoes and water ( you can substitute the water for Guinness) add herbs bring to boil add stock cube or powder. Simmer for 1 1/2 hours or until cooked to your likening. I like my stew a little thick so I use a roux to thicken. This is just butter and flour. Melt butter add same quantity of flour mix till a paste add to stew.


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