Monday, 27 October 2008

So I went on a Korean Game show

We Loose
So we were all Korean and wore Hanboks
Nice Pants
We had 30 mins to pick as many potatoes as we could
we picked 200kg the other team picked 220kg.
We then had to make a camp fire and steam the potatoes. Our fire was a not quite that impressive and the blue team win again. Dave said our fire was welfare. The challenge we did win I have no photos but we did win the calligraphy challenge.
We did a temple stay. Ate with the monk. Like a monk. There are a lot of rules we could not talk or make any noise we had to eat everything and we had to clean everything with water after. The water was meant to be as clean at the end as it was in the beginning.
We pealed and chopped a lot of sweet potatoes.
We cooked a lot of potatoes. In very little time.
For 50 Children .
Who were the judges.
고구마 맛탕고구마 튀김 - fried sweet potato

Mat Tang 고구마 맛탕
Sweet potatoes cut in cubes (bite size) and deep fried till golden.
Sugar,Water and corn syrup.
At a ration 1-1-1
Put sugar and water in pan
Reduce by half
Do not stir
Add corn syrup and simmer for a few minutes
Add deep fried sweet potato cubes and sprinkle black sesame seeds over it
고구마 튀김 - Fried sweet potato2 egg yolks ,water ,soju ,saltflour?? they used frying powder.Make a batter. Add sliced sweet potatoDeep fry till golden brownDasik
Sweet Potato Boiled and mashed, Honey.
Sieve the boiled sweet potato. Add honey and place in the Dasik mold.


Therese Mac Seain 27 October 2008 at 22:38  

mmmmmmmm pimpkin beer !!!!hugely successfull hahaah

Brian 28 October 2008 at 04:45  

Sweet potatoes?!?


Therese Mac Seain 28 October 2008 at 16:41  

yes you did
I had talked about sweet potatoes to my co teachers we rules them out. As i didnt think they would get us to make mat tang as its a side dish. Also didnt think that 50 kids would be the judges. And did believe we would actually have enough time and ingredients.. but you never get what you expect. any how we didnt win but we did recieve 1 million won.

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