Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Eating at a temple

Things You should Know. The monks have a very special way of eating.

It is called Balwoo. Meaning bowls containing a moderate amount.
1- Do not leave any food. Take only moderate amounts . Only what you can eat.
2- save one piece of radish or kimchi till last. This is going to be used for cleaning.
Try to keep your water clean. the water you receive at the beginning should be as clean at the end of the meal.
Wash you hands before the meal.
Do not talk
Turn off your mobile.
Sit straight and quietly
You have Four bowls
One for rice
one for soup
one for water
one for your sides

Try not to make any noise even with your chopsticks.
Always eat with the bowl high up to your mouth. So as not to show your mouth to others
Do not put anything in your rice bowl other then your rice.
After you use the spoon place it in the coup bowl and the chopsticks always rest on the water bowl.
when you hear the bamboo stick you can start.
First time place your hands together
second bow
third sit up
untie the bowls, using only your thumbs remove the bowls place them clockwise
smallest behind the largest, Do not take any extra you must eat everything .
at the end take the water rinse everything and pour in the bucket
Make sure their is no food in there you may have to drink everything in the bucket if there is .
This was the most stressful meal I have ever had.
But the mushrooms that we had were amazing.
Remember monks are vegetarian so I didn't think I was really going to like the food.
But I have to say the food was great.
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Oh did I mention if you choose to stay over night you must get up at 4 in the morning.


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