Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Easy Irish Soda Bread

White Soda Bread

Home from Home
This is so easy and basic .
There is no Yeast Involved
My second post on Soda bread

You need
4 cups all purpose white flour
1 level teaspoon salt
1 level teaspoon baking soda
1 3/4 cups of buttermilk (you can use milk with lemon juice but you may need less depending on the consistency )
You cant get butter milk so I suggest you use milk with lemon juice instead this will mean you will have to vary home much you now use .

Pre heat oven to 475 f or 250 c
Sift dairy ingredients.
Make a well in the centre.
Pour in all the milk.
Dough should be softish not to wet
Put on floured surface

Pat the dough in a circle about 1 and half inches thick
Cut deep cross on the loaf
Bake for 15 min then turn down
To 400f 200c
For 30 min until cooked
Tap the bottom it will sound hollow
Cool on wire rack
I love to eat it with a big dollop
of butter but you can eat with jam . Or dip it in a morning fry beans and runny eggs are great.


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