Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Some interesting reading

This is an interesting read.

Here is an interesting watch Mark Bittmans
(Whats wrong with what we eat)
"Mark Bittman is a food writer known for his simple recipes and no-nonsense style. A self-proclaimed home cook, Bittman is not a trained chef but developed an interest in food through his career as a journalist. He is the creator of The New York Times cooking column The Minimalist (now in its eleventh year), accompanying web videos, and his daily blog, Bitten. He's the author of several cookbooks and he appears regularly on both commercial and public television."
I also a big fan of his book

Here from the washingtonpost Is an update on the peanut recall list .
The US drug and food administration are keeping an updated list here -

Here is also a good read about food trends of 2009


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